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Courtroom Security Handouts

Orders of Retrieval Handouts

Retrieval Order – Application

Retrieval Order – Bond (2)

Retrieval Order – Notification of Hearing and Return of Service

Retrieval Order – Notification of Hearing on Occupant’s Complaint

Retrieval Order – Occupant’s Complaint

Retrieval Order – Order Granted

Retrieval Order – Order Denied

Technology Resources Handouts

DWI Bail & Bonds Handouts

Bond Condition Order – Ignition Interlock

Peace Bonds & EPO’s Handouts

Bond Condition Order – Family Violence Offense

Order of Emergency Protection and Return

Indigent Cases Handouts

Statement of Inability to Afford Court Costs

Capias Pro Fine

Capias Pro Fine + Alternative Procedures

Order of Commitment

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STJPCA roster JP’s & Clerks – 2016

STJPCA roster Constables & Deputies – 2016

STJPCA 24th Annual Educational Conference Agenda

Registration and Membership forms for this years Annual Educational Conference are available for download under the 2016 STJPCA Conference Tab.  Hope to see you all in October!

*24th Annual Educational Conference Update*

The dates and location has been set for this years 24th Annual Educational Conference.  It will be held October 16-19, 2016 at The Isla Grand Beach resort in South Padre Island, Texas.  Room rates are $89.00 plus tax.  Please mention STJPCA when you book your room to receive the special rate.  Or if you plan to book online use code 1610STJPCA.

A tentative agenda has been added to the 2016 Conference Tab.  Hope to see you all there in October!

From the TJCTC in regards to Open Carry:

Dear Judges and Clerks:

As many of you are aware, Texas’ new “open carry” law took effect on January 1, 2016.  The new law allows individuals who hold a handgun license (formerly known as a “concealed handgun license”) to openly carry a firearm in a belt holster or a shoulder holster.

Please be aware that the new law does not allow handgun license holders (or anyone else) to carry a firearm in your courtroom or in your court offices.  Section 46.03 of the Penal Code prohibits an individual, other than an officer of the court, from possessing a weapon in these locations unless such possession has been approved in writing by the court.

Although it is clear that Texas law generally prohibits the possession of firearms in courtrooms, you should be aware that there is an ongoing debate over what constitutes a court office.  Texas’ Attorney General recently released two opinions addressing this question, and links to those opinions are provided below.  These opinions indicate that if your justice court shares a building with other county offices then it’s possible that the possession of firearms, including the open carrying of firearms, may be allowed in other portions of the building.

TJCTC will address the issue of open carry in greater detail in our upcoming Quarterly Report, which will be delivered to you later this month.  We encourage you to communicate with your fellow justices of the peace and county officials regarding your county’s policies regarding the possession of firearms in county buildings.


The TJCTC Legal Department

Opinion KP-0047


Opinion KP-0049